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Time4Hart Time Bank – Give an Hour, Gain an Hour

What is a Time Bank?

Time Banks recognise that we all have talents and skills that we can share with others, and  reward people for the ordinary (and not so ordinary), neighbourly help they give to those around them. For every hour that a person gives to helping someone else, or for giving time in the community, they earn one ‘time credit’ which can then be spent receiving an hour’s help in return. One hour’s help given equals one hour’s help received, no matter what the task. Everyone’s time is valued equally and everyone can give to and benefit from the scheme.

There is also the option to donate your “time credits” to the Time4Hart Community Pot to help someone in need of more time than they can give back.

Who can join?

Anyone aged 15 or over can apply to become a member of the Time4Hart Time Bank. You can send us your name and phone number by email, give us a ring on 01252 627070 (Monday – Thursday 10.00-15.00), or complete our online application form.

Organisations can join too

Voluntary and community organisations, businesses and public sector organisations can become Time4Hart Time Bank members too. Some of the reasons why organisations might want to join are:

  • Timebanking can contribute to your organisation’s community service or employee volunteering programmes.
  • Timebanking enables the sharing of skills and assets with individuals and other organisations.
  • Time Bank members can offer one-off or short-term support to meet the needs of your organisation’s clients, which are beyond your own organisation’s remit or capacity.
  • Helps you discover some of the hidden talents of your staff and volunteers!

More information can be found below or by contacting the Time4Hart Team by email, by calling 01252 627070, or by dropping into the Hart Volunteer Centre, 1st Floor Hart Shopping Centre, Fleet, GU51 3LA. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with Time4Hart news.

More about Time4Hart

What do Time Bank Members Do?

Here are just a few examples

  • Giving lifts or escorting to appointments
  • Shopping or simple errands
  • Decorating or simple home repairs
  • Visiting people at home who can’t get out and about
  • Gardening or housework
  • Simple car and cycle repairs
  • Walking the dog for someone else
  • Teaching a musical instrument – or knitting – or using a computer
  • Helping with community activities
  • Cake-baking
  • Opening and reading mail

All knowledge, skills and experience are recognised equally!

Who can join?

Time4Hart is open to anyone aged 15 years and above.  Time Banks work around place, so it is likely that members will live or work in Hart District, however this does not exclude people who live and work in neighbouring towns and districts.

You can join as an individual member or as an organisation member.

If you want to check if there is another Time Bank nearer to where you live go to the Timebanking UK website

How do we join?

You can register your interest in becoming and individual or organisation member by contacting the Time4Hart team on 01252 627070, or by e-mail, or by completing our online application.

Someone from the Time4Hart team will get in touch with you and arrange a time to chat more about your interests and skills, and how you would like to benefit from being a member of Time4Hart.

If you decide to become an individual member we ask that you complete a membership form and provide one referee. For some activities there may be a requirement for an enhanced DBS check. We do this so that we can keep everyone safe.

How to offer help or request help

Offers and requests can be made by contacting a member of the Time4Hart team this can be either via email or calling the team on 01252 627070. Alternatively you can post your offer/request online once your membership has been approved. Offers and requests can be viewed online and we will also provide updates via social media and email. If a request is urgent the Time4Hart team can expedite the request.

What is the Community Pot?

Some people tend to do lots for others and build up a surplus in their account  for more time than they expect to be able to use.

Other people may need lots of help – more than they have time in their personal account to cover – and may have a large deficit on their account. Or someone might need help – for example, if they have just come out of hospital – but feel they are unlikely to be able to match the time they need by providing help to others. This may make them reluctant to ask for the help they need.

Time4Hart’s Community Pot can offer a solution in  these situations. It can provide time credits to cover the time needed to help a Time Bank member, so they don’t have to worry about asking for help. It is covered in two main ways:

  • Individual or Organisation Time Bank members donate some of their surplus time to the Pot
  • Some group activities collect time and contribute it to the Community Pot

The Time4Hart Community Pot is available to members when it is needed. Feel free to ask about it if you think it could help you or if one of your organisation’s clients would benefit.

Keeping you safe

Whilst Timebanking is all about informal exchanges of time, there are still measures that the Time4Hart Time Bank will put in place to ensure that time exchanges are safe for all.

The Time4Hart team will meet with all prospective members, and ask them to provide a reference before completing the membership registration process.  These references could be from friends and relations as well as work colleagues.

We ask all Time Bank members to only offer to carry out a Time Bank request if it is within their capacity to do so.  Time Bank requests should usually take no more than 1 or 2 hours to complete.  If you are unsure about what you are being asked to do (eg the task requested will take longer than the allotted time)  or if you have concerns about the welfare of a Time Bank member, please contact the Time4Hart team for guidance.

Time exchanges to support more vulnerable individuals will have have been risk assessed in advance and may require an enhanced DBS check.

Time Bank members’ activities are covered by Timebanking UK’s insurers, and Time4Hart has Health and Safety and Safeguarding policies and procedures in place.


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