Our members at Hart’s Community Garden give lots of wonderful feedback about the service and their experiences there.


“So many aspects…make it a wonderful place to be…The lovely mix of people from all walks of life, belonging [and] no cliques, we are all one!”


“I enjoy gardening, but only have a small garden. The sense of community and teamwork is a big bonus to me. The ongoing projects are exciting and it’s good to feel part of something which gets better every year.”


“[It] has become a very important part of my week. I can focus on the garden and making it look good, enjoy spending time with a lovely, supportive people and chatting about anything and everything; sharing a drink and cake at coffee time, laughing and having a joke with others in the group.”


“As a carer, the social interaction is very important. Support of others is helpful to maintaining my own health and wellbeing. It provides a learning environment and it is exciting watching the progress of crops. Working in the garden is improving my physical strength. It provides a safe environment for my husband to help. Lovely being able to share in the produce. Welcoming, friendly, I look forward to it every week.”


“The community garden is always a joy to visit. In the time after my mothers’ death, the people have picked me up and dusted my down so many times. It is also wonderful to watch the seasons pass and listen to the birds, and watch the clouds whilst drinking tea and chatting to the other gardeners. Wonderful medicine for mental health.”



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