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A Ukraine Supporters Network for Hart

Are you getting together with others in your local neighbourhood in Hart District to support the arrival and accommodation of Ukrainian refugees?

OR are you sponsoring one or more Ukrainain refugees as a host?

Then you may wish to join a Ukraine Supporters Network for Hart, supported by Hart Voluntary Action.

This network is designed to bring together the various groups of residents and local community causes that have emerged in response to the crisis in Ukraine to encourage shared collaboration.

Aims of the Network

  • To connect groups from across the district who are seeking to offer support.
  • To connect hosts/sponsors and their Ukrainian guests with local social activity and support.
  • To share information between groups and to provide updates from local and central government sources as these become available.
  • To connect Hart residents offering to help with their nearest support group – aiming to reduce duplication and make the best use of local community resources, skills and assistance.

Tell us more!

Hart Voluntary Action would like to hear from you if you have registered to be a host via the Family or Homes for Ukraine (Sponsorship) Schemes – please go to this link to leave your details and any information you would like to share with us.

If you or your group/organisation are offering support or can volunteer alongside others, then complete the short set of questions at this link about what types of support you are able to offer.

More information to follow soon.  Please also see our useful links information page.




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