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Youth Counselling

Click here to make a donation to 121 Youth Counselling

Free Weekly Counselling Sessions for Young People aged 11-25

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a safe and confidential space for a person to talk freely about things that concern them or to explore the thoughts and feelings that they are having or to talk through ways to deal with the situations they are in. It can help a person come to their own conclusions about what they need to do.  A Counsellor will not offer advice or try to change a persons behaviour and they will not diagnose mental health conditions.

Please access the links here for more information about Counselling:


Our service

  • Up to 20 free Counselling Sessions
  • Confidential
  • Primarily open to anyone 11-25 years old who lives in Hart, goes to a school in the Hart District, or is registered with a Hart GP surgery
  • Sessions available in Fleet, Hartley Wintney, Odiham, Yateley and online or by phone.


If you are interested in receiving Counselling then please complete the referral form that is available here.

If you would like to make a referral on behalf of another person then please also complete the Referral form.  When referring another person please ensure that you have already spoken to them about the referral and have got their permission to refer them.  We will not accept a referral if you have not made them aware.

Referral forms can be emailed to or posted to 121 Youth Counselling, Civic Offices, Harlington Way, Fleet, GU51 4AE.  Alternatively, if you would like to give the information over the phone call 01252 815652.


Hart Voluntary Action who manage 121 Youth Counselling is a registered charity that relies on donations and funding. Although the Counselling sessions are free it does cost £40.00 for every session provided. Please consider whether you would be able to make a small donation towards the cost of the Counselling sessions your child has.  A suggested amount would between £2.00 and £5.00 per session but please donate whatever amount you feel able to. 

Click here to make a donation to 121 Youth Counselling

If you would like to make a donation please follow the link

When making a donation please specify it is for 121 Youth Counselling.


Hart Voluntary Action is part of a consortium of Counselling agencies across Hampshire, Known as Hampshire Youth Access (HYA) providing Counselling funded by the 5 Clinical Commissioning groups across Hampshire.  No Limits is the lead agency for this consortium.  More information can be found using the following link:      

      Advice and support for children and young people across Hampshire

121 Youth Counselling is part funded by Odiham Cottage Hospital Trust.

Link to our Privacy Notice for Youth Counselling: Privacy Notice – 121 Youth Counselling – June 2018

The following website has a comprehensive list of Counsellors available in the area

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The service is FREE for young people although it does cost us up to £40.00 to offer each session.  Please consider whether you are able to make a donation towards the cost of the Counselling Sessions

How do I refer to the service?

We accept referrals from the young person, from parents/relatives, from schools and from GP’s. Please fill in the referral form and email it to or post to 121 Youth Counselling, Civic Offices, Harlington Way, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 4AE. Alternatively, call 01252 815652 and we will fill it in for you over the phone. We do have a waiting list at the moment, but the more flexible you can be in terms of days, weeks and times, the quicker we will be able to find the right counsellor for you.

How long does Counselling last?

Each session is 50 mins long and will be at the same time and place each week. We offer up to 20 sessions of Counselling. The client and the Counsellor together will assess how its going after 6 -8 weeks and around 15 weeks to keep the sessions focused. Most people have 8-12 sessions but some people will want more and some will want less.

Where and when do Counselling sessions take place?

We offer Counselling from a variety of locations across Hart. Currently these are Odiham, Fleet, Yateley and Hook. Counselling sessions run from 15.30 up until 21.00.

How long do I have to wait before I get a Counsellor?

The waiting time varies due to us not knowing how many sessions each client will use. We would aim to see clients within 6 months and would hope that the waiting time could be shorter than this but it does depend on demand.

Is the service confidential?

Everything discussed in the Counselling room is kept confidential within 121 Youth Counselling. The only reason this confidentiality would need to be broken is if the Counsellor thinks that the client or someone else is at risk of harm. The Counsellor would discuss this with the client in the first session.

Are the Counsellors qualified?

All our Counsellors are qualified to work with clients. Some of our Counsellors are students, but the students have to be competent to practice. Clients are given an initial assessment and offered Counselling with the most appropriate Counsellor for their needs. This means we are careful who we place with students, ensuring that they have enough counselling experience and knowledge to counsel a specific client. Student counsellors also receive support from 121, their college and have group supervision – so if ever they needed to consult with someone they can. All Counsellors are members of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and have relevant insurance.

Do I need to provide transport?

If the venue is too far away for the young person to walk to, you will need to arrange for transport to be provided.  Please consider your availability to provide transport on a weekly basis before accepting a Counselling place.

Can parents sit in on Counselling Sessions?

No. The Counselling session is a space for the young person to express themselves without worry of judgement. Occasionally a young person may request that their parent does come to a session but this request must come from them and would not be a regular occurrence.

What if I can’t attend a Counselling session?

If you are unable to attend please give us as much notice as possible.  It would be appreciated if you could contact us at least 24 hours before the Counselling session is due to take place.  Please call us on 01252 815652. Please be aware that every missed appointment still costs us up to £40.00 per session.

If a young person does not attend 3 sessions in a row without prior notice of absence, they will lose their counselling place and will be put back on the waiting list or asked to re-apply to 121 Youth Counselling when they are ready to engage.

What issues does the service cover?

We cover most issues including depression and anxiety, self-harm, suicide ideation, bereavement, low self-esteem, anger issues, family breakdown and problems at school.  We do not cover substance misuse and eating disorders, which are supported by specialist services such as Catch 22 and Hampshire CAHMS.

We take referrals from CAHMS and Children’s Services, as well as schools, GPs and self-referral.

Can a young person come back to Counselling?

Yes, no problem. They will have to re-join the waiting list. Sometimes a young person needs to take a break if they need to process all that has been said and worked on in Counselling, this is ok. Sometimes they think they are fine and realise that they are not – this is all part of them taking control of their situation and learning about themselves.

Are the Counsellors DBS checked?

Yes all Counsellors have an enhanced DBS check.


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