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Schools Counselling

Hart Voluntary Action Schools Counselling Service can provide a Counselling Service to schools in North East Hampshire.
We will place a dedicated qualified Counsellor in school for an agreed period of time each week and they will see students for Counselling sessions in this period.

Why in-School Counselling?

The benefits of having the service available to students in the school in environment are:

    • Not having to rely on a parent/guardian to get them to their Counselling sessions
    • Being able to receive Counselling easily without having to disclose this to their parent/guardian – some young people will open up more meaning that they can potentially get more benefit from the session if their parents are not aware of their attendance to Counselling
    • Easier for staff members to refer students to a service that is available at the school
    • Students will be more aware of the help available to them if it is on site

Why Counselling is different to other pastoral services that the school provides:

    • The nature of Counselling being confidential ensures that the Student knows the contents of their sessions will not be passed on to other members of staff at the school.
    • The Counsellor is not employed by the school and so will not be visible in any other part of school life further ensuring confidentiality.
    • Students have a 50-minute session dedicated completely to them with no interruptions.

This service costs £35.00 for every Counselling session we provide in school.

If you are interested in us providing your in-school Counselling Service then please contact 121@hartvolaction.org.uk for more information


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