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Below are links to online directories with information to help guide your search into what support and services are available to you and your friends and family.

Connect to Support

Connect to Support Hampshire is an online resource aimed at services and support for adults, including:

  • Information and advice on all aspects of adult social care and support
  • Community groups and local activities near you
  • Search for care at home providers and care homes in Hampshire

There is a facility on this site to bookmark pages to make a “booklet” of information that is tailored to the needs of people you are working with.

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Hart Access to Advice

Hart Access to Advice is a joint project with Hart Citizens Advice and Hart Voluntary Action.

The Directory pages provide information which can be viewed by activity type, location (parish) and beneficiary and covers activities and services provided by the public sector and voluntary sector for all age groups: eg

  • Advice and Information
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Education/Learning
  • Public Sector Services
  • Employment/Volunteering
  • Transport
  • Leisure and Sports Activities

There is a shortlisting facility on this site so that you can print out information for people you are working with.

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